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Montana Museum of Art & Culture

Student Art Contest Winners

The Montana Museum of Art & Culture invited students age 5-18 to create art based on the   Figurative Modernists: Picasso, Chagall and other Masterpieces from a Private Collection and Modernist Prints exhibitions, October 3, 2013 – February 8, 2014. 

Judges were asked to evaluate the artworks based on excellence, imagination, creativity and individuality.  First, second and third place prizes were awarded in each category; ages 5-9, ages 10-14 and ages 15-18.  All winners were awarded professional level art supplies donated by the UC Bookstore, a student membership to the Montana Museum of Art and Culture, as well as a one year family annual membership to spectrUM Discovery Area.  All participants also received two free passes to spectrUM Discovery Area.

All winning entries are currently on display in the UM PARTV Center Lobby. Special thanks to our judges Stephanie Frostad, Annie Garde, and Ginny Merriam, as well as the UC Bookstore, the Missoulian, spectrUM Discovery Area, and all who participated.

Winners please pick up prizes at the MMAC office in Main Hall 006, University of Montana.  All other artworks must be picked up by Friday, Jan 10th, 2014 at spectrUM Discovery Area.  Any peices left after this date will be donated to a children's organization.  If you have any questions, please contact the MMAC at or (406) 243-2019.


1st Place, Ages 5-9

Ivory West, age 5,

Oliviana, Acrylic & Oil

“Oliviana is an angel that lost the other angels.”

2nd Place, Ages 5-9

Mia Jakob, age 8

Portrait of a Woman, Pastel

"I was inspired by Modigliani's portraits and decided to use pastels because I liked the way the colors come out cleaner."


3rd Place, Ages 5-9

Ezra Hellem, age 6

Purple, Pastel

“My piece of art has a lot of smearing and lines in it.  My favorite part is all of the colors.  When I was making my piece of art I thought my art was good and I would keep it for a long time.  I love abstract art.”

1st Place, Ages 10-14

Ada May Scott, age 10

Fine China, Paper, Graphite & Colored Pencil

“I’m not completely sure what inspired me to do this.  I’ve done another one kind of like it and I did that one because I’ve drawn so much I wanted to do something different.  I wasn’t finished with her face when I thought it looked like a broken vase so I put flowers out of her head.  It reminds me of Daisy head Mazy the Dr. Seuss movie.  The painting that inspired me to do this was the cubism one in the newspaper.  I came up with a lot of names for this; Face Broken, From When We Wake, Tiny Pieces and others but I decided on Fine China because that’s what people are “Fine China”.  We all break sometime but we can be glued back together again and almost as good as new with a missing piece.”

2nd Place, Ages 10-14

Morgan Tosh, age 10

Me, Clay

“I made a sculpture of my head and carved things I liked into it.  I was inspired by the painting of the scientist’s head, made of leaves and plants.”

3rd Place, Ages 10-14

Jojo Parker, age 10

Untitled, Mixed Media

“I was inspired by cubism as the background and the eye to add some figurative.”

1st Place, Ages 15-18

Kasey Ellingson, age 17

Untitled, Sharpie

“This shows different views of creatures and a human figure all blending into one unit.  It reminds me of the picture of Goethe.”

2nd Place, Ages 15-18

Brad DeMinck, age 16

Untitled, Acrylic on Ceramic

“This is half man, half woman.  The man is a black gangster and the woman is a white emo (emotional) woman.  This represents my two sides; it’s a joke.  Like Picasso’s work, it shows many sides of someone.”

3rd Place, Ages 15-18

Marley Hettick, age 17

Untitled, Graphite Pencil

“I tried to use different shapes and sizes to make my picture interesting. I was inspired by Jean Metzinger’s painting called Arlequin au chapeau.

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