Art Siting

Phoebe Toland piece in Anderson Hall

  What's New by Phoebe Toland hanging in Andersen Hall was acquired as part of the art siting program

Oil on Wood Panel, 2008, 56" h x 210" w

Many of the amazing artworks you find adorning building all over the UM Campus were produced through the process of "Art Siting".

Montana's Percent for Art Act, enacted in 1983, declared that a portion of the funds for the construction or renovation of appropriate state buildings be allocated for the acquisition or works of art for such buildings. The act states: Subject to legislative allocations as provided in subsection (2), all capital project appropriations by the legislature shall include, as a part of the appropriation, an amount not to exceed 1% of the amount appropriated for the use of the Montana Arts Council for the acquisition of works of art for new state buildings, maintenance of works of art, and administration..." (The full Act is listed under Libraries, Arts and Antiquities in the Montana Code Annotated Section 22-2-401-408.)

While state-based projects fall under the administrative services of the Montana Arts Council (MAC) as mentioned above, other UM-funded or privately funded projects do not. When not considered a State of Montana project, the selection, siting, installation, and maintenance costs of artworks are determined and managed by The University of Montana Art Siting Committee as facilitated by the Montana Museum of Art & Culture.

Read the full UM Policy on Art Siting