Current Exhibition

An image of a World War II era helmet
American WWI helmet worn by Army Medic, Private First Class Turner A. Ross. Courtesy Tom Ross. 

Over There! Montanans in the Great War

September 21, 2017 – December 16, 2017 | Meloy Gallery, PARTV Center

This exhibition focuses on the experiences of individuals from Montana or closely tied to the western state. The people whose lives are explored here through personal artifacts and works of art experienced the war’s glories and degradations first-hand. They include: Glasgow-born William Belzer, a celebrated aviator and among America’s first flying aces; Great Falls widow Josephine Hale, who served as a Red Cross nurse and eventually became a notable painter in France; doughboys Philip W. Prevost and Sidney F. Smith, both survivors and heroes of the infamous “Lost Battalion;” and James Watson Gerard, husband to Mary Daly of Hamilton and the U.S. ambassador to Berlin prior to our declaration of war. These individuals served their country and distinguished themselves in different ways and yet were all significantly shaped by the Great War. This exhibition is curated by UM Professor of Art History and Criticism Rafael Chacón, PhD.

Sponsored with generous support from the Missoula Tourism Business Improvement District and Destination Missoula.

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