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Montana Museum of Art & Culture

NICHOLAS GALANIN Things are Looking Whiter

Nicholas Galanin, Things Are Looking Native, Native’s Looking Whiter, digital photograph

Future Exhibitions


This is Not A Silent Movie: Four Contemporary Alaska Native Artists
Courtesy of the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum in collaboration
with the Anchorage Museum, tour sponsored by WESTAF     
May 1- July 5, 2014       
Meloy Gallery 
This exhibition centers on four Alaska Native artists who create contemporary installation-based work that explores gender, memory, experience, race, nationality, and cultural heritage. While each artist addresses their personal responses to being “Native,” between them they represent a multitude of cultures and communities. The artists are Sonya Kelliher-Combs, Susie Silook, Da-ka-xeen Mehner, and Nicholas Galanin, who was just awarded a USA Artist’s Fellowship.
Sandra Dal Poggetto: Meditations on the Field

July 17-September 27, 2014
Paxson and Meloy Galleries

Dal Poggetto uses an abstract language and fragments of the western landscape—hide, feathers, wood and wire—to create evocative paintings and drawings. She draws on and deconstructs both Euro-American pictorial language and American Indian visual traditions to create uneasy syntheses which Pulitzer-Prize winning author/critic Mark Stevens describes as “truthful reflection[s] of our culture’s complex relations to the landscape of the West.”

In addition, MMAC has invited Dal Poggetto to select 19th and 20th century artwork from the museum’s Permanent Collection to illustrate different philosophical and aesthetic understandings of the human relationship to the natural world. These works range from European sporting hunts, historical topographic views, ledger art, Plains Indian beadwork, and Paleo-Indian artifacts. Through Dal Poggetto’s re-contextualization of these works, she probes, questions and reveals the past, calling for a renewed connection with the natural world.

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