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Future Exhibitions


Human Condition: The Art of Ben Steele
June 4 - September 12, 2015
Meloy Gallery
This exhibition honors MMAC’s commitment to sharing the history of the Bataan Death March through the artwork of WWII prisoner of war and Montana artist Ben Steele.  Steele created one of the only firsthand visual accounts of this tragic experience.  He endured 41 months of starvation, dehydration, hard labor, torture and Japanese ‘hell ships’ while crippled by dysentery, pneumonia, malaria, blood poisoning and beri beri.  During his internment, he created drawings which record the grim degradation and cruelty to which the prisoners were subjected.  Steele’s artwork provides an aesthetic and historical record of an extraordinary account of war, survival, forgiveness and reconciliation. He attributes his survival to his love of Montana and early experiences on his family’s ranch near Roundup. Steele went on to teach art at Montana State University-Billings and was an active member of the Montana Institute of the Arts. The exhibition presents the POW collection from Steele’s prolific and varied artistic production.

Hometown: The MMAC Permanent Collection Celebrates Missoula
June 4 - September 12, 2015
Paxson Gallery
This exhibition brings together images of the Garden City by artists who have called who have called Missoula home. City founders C.P. Higgins, Frank Worden and David Pattee started building a sawmill on East Front Street in November 1864, opening the floodgates of commerce and settlement that lead to the establishment of Missoula. However, the birth of Missoula is not attributed to a single event and celebrations around the city’s sesquicentennial began in 2014 and continue throughout 2015. Artists included in the exhibition are Tu Baixiong, James Dew, Walter Hook, Marilyn Bruya, RH McKay and others.

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