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Montana Museum of Art & Culture

George Gogas, Too Lazy to Work 25, 1997, acrylic on canvas. From the Permanent Collection

George Gogas, Too Lazy to Work 25, 1997, acrylic on canvas. From the Collection of Dr. Robert and Millicent Hawkins.

Henry Meloy, Untitled, 1943-1944

Henry Meloy, Untitled, ca. 1943-1944, graphite on paper. Permanent loan from the Henry Meloy Educational Trust.

Rudy Autio, Adrift, 1997

Rudy Autio, 
Adrift, 1997, woodblock print and watercolor on paper. Courtesy of the Rudy and Lela Autio Estate.


Future Exhibitions


George Gogas: Odyssey
March 3 – April 23, 2016
Meloy Gallery

This exhibition celebrates Missoula artist and teacher George Gogas, honoree of this year’s Odyssey of the Stars, the College of Visual and Performing Arts fundraiser to support scholarships for UM students from the Schools of Art, Media Arts, Music, and Theatre & Dance. Odyssey of the Stars event: March 5, 2016.

From small prints and studies to large canvases, the exhibition surveys over 40 years of creative work, charting the artist’s development of a unique language of formal adaptation. In Judith Basin Encounter, a series at the show’s center, Gogas imagines an exciting friendship between two men who never actually met: C.M. Russell and Pablo Picasso. Canvases by Charlie Russell are translated into cubist compositions with specific quotations of Picasso’s art. These works transcend normal limitations of time and historical memory, not least in titles referencing current issues, such as When Charlie and Pablo Overdrew at the ATM. Generous loans from private collections, including that of the artist, complement the MMAC Permanent Collection, tracing the artist’s ahistorical style.   

Presence: Rudy Autio and Henry Meloy
March 3 - April 23 2016
Paxson Gallery

Presence considers distinct chapters in the careers of two major Montana artists whose explorations of form and material delved into the nature of presence and absence in art.     

In the mid-1990s, Rudy Autio made an unusual foray into woodcut printmaking. Unlike the medium he is most known for - thrown, sculpted, and glazed stoneware - printing from wooden blocks entails carving away material. These rarely-seen woodcut prints by a true virtuoso come together with paintings and ceramics.
For Henry Meloy, the life of a work of art is brought about through action that is decidedly additive: form creation, opposition and, ultimately, harmony. As he wrote in a notebook:
A work of art which is the crystallization of thought, once it has been given form and shape in the present, will always stay 'alive'...
This exhibition will present the Permanent Collection, as well as a generous loan from the Rudy and Lela Autio Estate consisting of woodcut prints, large-scale paintings, and ceramic plates. Paintings and drawings by Henry Meloy will be selected from those on permanent loan from the Henry Meloy Educational Trust. 

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