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Montana Museum of Art & Culture

MMAC Director Barbara Koostra seated in the Paxson Gallery during the Three Centuries exhibition
MMAC Director Barbara Koostra
in the museum's Paxson Gallery

photo by Tom Bauer, Missoulian

 Read the article by Joe Nickell
January 12, 2011  


MMAC in the Media 2009 - 2010

Recent Media


Young, Lacey. "120 years out of sight, out of space" Montana Kaimin, 28, January 2015

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Missoulian Staff. "Documentary explores nature of Vermeer's near-photographic realism" Missoulian, 19, November 2014

Make it Missoula. "Recognized Sculptor, Poet, Activist Vanessa German Featured at MMAC", 17, November 2014
Cioffi, Chris. "WWII veteran, artist, Ben Steele gets red-carpet treatment from Rotary" Billings Gazette, 10, November 2014

Fredrickson, Erika. "Artist Vanessa German harnesses the power of ancient Congo, modern Pittsburgh and, oddly enough, Montana's James Lee Burke" Missoula Independent, 6, November 2014 

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Anderson, Courtney. "Campus curators move art outdoors" Montana Kaimin, 22, October 2014

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Missoulian. "2 to speak on state of contemporary art at UM" Missoulian, 25 September 2014

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Kato, Dillon. "Playing the Feild; Helena artist connects abstract painting with landscapes" Missoulian, 8, August 2014

Corridor. "Exhibit showcases native artists' contemporary works" Missoulian, 29, May 2014

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Noodls. "Estate Gift from California Couple to Elevate Montana Museum of Art & Culture" noodls, 25, April 2014 "Estate Gift from California Couple to Elevate Montana Museum of Art & Culture", 25, April 2014

Kidston, Martin. "UM art museum receives major gift; could help secure new building" Billings Gazette, 25, April 2014

Read more:

Foster, Emily. "Montana Museum of Art and Culture Receives Major Donation" ABC FOX Montana, 25, April 2014

Reintjes, Brandon. "The Ann and Teresa and Ann Show, Podcast on This is Not a Silent Movie: Four Contemporary Alaske Native Artists" KBGA, 29, April 2014

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25, September 2012

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"Marcus Daly topic of talk; granddaughter's portraits on display" Missoulian, 13 January 2012

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"Lecture, Book Signing Features 'Tears in Darkness' Authors" UM, 24, October 2011.

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Nickell, Joe. "Orphan Art still looking for home after Macy's building sale" Missoulian, 12 January 2011.

Missoulian Staff. "MOLLI offers symphony, art and more for winter" Missoulian, 6, January 2011.


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