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Montana Museum of Art & Culture


Kendra Bayer, Lead Me Home,
mixed media scupture, 1998

UM Artists


The UM School of Fine Art has played a strong cultural and aesthetic role in Montana and throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Major works by present and former UM faculty members include: Aden Arnold, Rudy Autio, Jim Bailey, Tu Baixiong, Marilyn Blackmer, Mary Ann Bonjorni, Marilyn Bruya, Steve Connell, James Dew, Walter Hook, Ken Little, Beth Lo, Cathryn Mallory, Bob Phinney, David Pledge, David Regan, Tom Rippon, David Smith, James Todd and Ted Waddell.  Artworks by UM Alumni include: Dana Boussard, Gary Bigelow, Dudley Dana, Monte Dolack, Nancy Erickson, Stephanie Frostad, Andrew Hofmeister, Dirk Lee, Francis Pearson, Karen Rice, Leonard Stach, Suzanne Truman, Pat Zentz, Pamela Caughey and Kelly Hart.

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