10 Things to Do On Campus

Why spend time commuting to find entertainment when there’s plenty to do right here? Whether you’re interested in sports, art, culture or the outdoors, UM has something for you.

10. Walk through the Grizzly Hall of Champions

If you’re one for nostalgia, come see what 100 years of Grizzly Athletics history looks like. The Grizzly Hall of Champions is a maroon, gold and silver portal through time, full of trophies, jerseys, photos and other memorabilia dating as far back as 1987. A required stop for any Griz fan or sports enthusiast.

9. Explore MMAC

We have an artsy side, too. Right on campus, the Montana Museum of Art and Culture is one of the oldest collections of fine art in the Rocky Mountain Northwest. With a permanent collection and an ever-changing schedule of exhibitions, this is a must-see for anyone interested in the American West.

8. Get Lost in the Stacks

Does the smell of an old book make your heart melt? The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library is waiting for you. Five floors of books on any subject you can imagine, along with maps, music and other media make this one of the best places to curl up and watch a storm roll in. Check out the rotating schedule of events, readings and exhibitions, spend some time getting immersed in Montana history in the Archives and Special Collections Room, or just find a quiet nook and a comfy chair.  

7. Hit the Gym

A little physical activity can go a long way for the mind. The Campus Recreation is the hub of activity on campus, with a pool, sauna, weight room, running track, and climbing wall.

6. Wander the UC Gardens

Stepping into the UC Gardens can be a bit like walking into different climate. Natural light from the glass ceiling illuminates a lush garden with a bubbling pond. Tropical and subtropical plants like the Lobster Claw and the Giant Bird of Paradise are just a few of the varieties you’ll find growing, along with one of the most spectacular features – a three-stories tall Fichus tree. Outside, the gardens continue, and you’ll find native perennial plants, medicinal plants, drought tolerant plants, vegetables and herbs.

5. Stop by the Paleontology Display and Field Center

Ask any kid – fossils are cool. Awaken your sense of wonder and explore over 100,000 ancient specimens from the Northwest, all housed right on campus.

4. Eat at the Food Zoo

The Food Zoo isn’t your typical campus cafeteria. Fresh, local selections make up the menu, which goes far beyond pizza and burgers in terms of sophistication (although we have those, too.) There are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and halal options.  

3. Hang Out on the Oval

The grass is always greener on the Oval. Joining in Missoula’s laid-back culture is as easy as stopping by the UC Market for some picnic food and finding a grassy spot to soak in some Missoula goodness. On a warm day there is plenty to watch: hikers making their way to the M, students leaping for Frisbees, and maybe even a couple of skilled slack-liners walking the tight rope. The Carillion in Main Hall plays at noon and is enough to inspire the academic in us all. 

2. Stroll along the Clark Fork River

The Clark Fork River is only steps away from UM. Studies show that a ten minute walk greatly increases creativity, and what better place to get inspired than on the Kim Williams Nature Trail, along a mountain river, populated by fly fisherman, kayakers, surfers, and happy dogs.  

1. Hike the M

The giant concrete M, stamped on the grassy hillside of Mount Sentinel, is Missoula’s most beloved icon. For the adventurous, no trip to Missoula is complete without a trip up the eleven grassy switchbacks. With the trail starting basically on campus, it’s a convenient way to get active during your meeting and see the best view of UM, Missoula and the snow-capped mountain ranges beyond.