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Mountain Computer Music Collective

The facilities of the Mountain Computer Music Collective include an 8-channel surround Studio, a 4-channel surround Workstation, and a teaching Lab, with twelve computer stations. Each of these resources is equipped to serve students working in various facets of music technology.


Picture of studio

The Studio accommodates advanced students working on computer music and recording projects, and hosts various software for students to achieve their creative goals including Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Peak, Max/MSP/Jitter, and Native Instruments Komplete. Students working in the studio also have access to a variety of control surfaces including digital pianos, a MIDI guitar, percussion pads, foot pedals, wind controllers, and various other MIDI and OSC interfaces.
Audio in the Studio is controlled with a Mackie 24*8 console, and microphones in the adjacent Recital Hall and Choir Rehearsal room run into this mixer allowing for recordings of sessions and concerts.


Picture of workstation

The Workstation is designed for students working on sampling and digital audio workstation (DAW) projects in Peak and Digital Performer. This workspace is also equipped with Native Instruments Komplete and Max/MSP/Jitter to assist students in creating and processing digital audio.






The Lab consists of twelve computer workstations with digital pianos for MIDI control. Music Technology classes take place in the lab, and the stations are open in the evening for students' technological explorations.
Examples of student works created in our facilities can be heard on our Composition & Music Technology page []
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