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UM Percussion
The Percussion Program at The University of Montana is one of the premier comprehensive programs in the Northwest. Percussionists at The University of Montana are trained to become “total percussionists” through private instruction and outstanding performance opportunities. Each percussion major develops proficiency in the areas of snare drum, mallet keyboard, timpani, orchestral accessories, multiple percussion, drumset and world percussion while also focusing on specific areas of expertise. World percussion experiences include: Steel Drums, West African drumming (from Guinea, Mali, Ghana and Senegal), Afro-Cuban percussion, Brazilian, Mexican marimba ensemble and Balinese Gamelan.
Percussionists at The University of Montana have the opportunity to perform in several outstanding ensembles including the Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Grizzly Marching Band drumlines, Symphony Orchestra, three Jazz Bands, several Jazz Combos, Missoula Symphony Orchestra and chamber groups. In addition to these outstanding groups, percussionists also perform to large crowds on the Percussion Ensembles Concerts. There are three Percussion Concerts a year including the World Rhythms Concert in February which features the World Percussion Ensembles in a yearly rotation.
Each year, the UM Percussion Department hosts nationally and internationally renowned percussion clinicians and performers from around the world. UM percussionists have the opportunity to study with these artists in both the master class and private setting. In addition, students are able to perform alongside these great performers on percussion concerts. Some of the artists appearing on campus in recent years include:



Peter ErskineHoracio "El Negro" Hernandez, Gregg Bissonette, Steve Houghton, William Kennedy, Chris Wabich, Steve Smith, Ed Soph

Vibraphone: Dave Samuels, Arthur Lipner, Terry Gibbs, Ed Saindon and Gary Gibson
Marimba Julie Spencer, Doug Walter, Mark Ford
Concert Percussion Gordon Peters, William Kraft, Larry Snider, Lalo Davila, Christopher Deane, Jeff Prosperie, and Jim Atwood
Afro-Cuban Lalo Davila, Cuban All-stars, Luis Benetti, Jesus Diaz
Hand Drums: Glen Velez, Robert Chappell
African Drums: Edi Gbordzi, Idrissa Gueye, Abdoul Doumbia, Fred Simpson
Steel Drums: Andy Narell, Liam Teague, Michael Carney, Chris Wabich
Gamelan: I Made Lasmawan, Jared Powell
  Jeff Prosperie giving a snare drum clinic in 2010.        

Entrance & Scholarship Audition Information 2014-2015
  • 11/14/2014 UMusic
  • 11/14-16/2014 Honor Band
  • 2/06-07/2015 Audition Day
  • 02/21/2015 Audition Day
  • Scholarship Audition Deadline: March 1, 2015
Percussion Audition Requirements
Perform on snare drum and at least one of the other elements listed below.
1. Snare Drum:
A. Rudiments — Flam, Flam-tap, Paradiddle, 5 stroke roll, Single stroke roll [Play each open (slow) to closed (fast as possible) to open].
B. Buzz Roll — Play 16 count buzz roll starting pp, cresc. to ff and diminuendo to pp.
C. Solo — perform a prepared solo (rudimental or orchestral) of appropriate difficulty.
2. Mallet Keyboard: Prepared solo or etude of appropriate difficulty.
3. Timpani: Prepared solo or etude.
4. Drumset: Styles — medium swing, up-tempo swing, bossa-nova, samba, 16-note-based funk. Phrase every four bars with a light fill. Soloing —  one or more of the above styles and trade fours with yourself (4 bars of time, 4 bars or solo & repeat). You may also play a prepared written solo.
5.Multiple Percussion: Prepared solo or etude

Scholarships For Percussion
The University of Montana, Department of Music has several scholarships available for entering Freshmen majoring in Music Performance, Music Education, Music Composition, Jazz Studies or the Bachelor of Arts degree in Music.

Scholarship awards amounts are: 
Full Tuition Waiver for 4 years of undergraduate study as a music major.
Students must participate in Symphonic Wind Ensemble and/or University Symphony Orchestra
Talent Scholarship for 4 years of undergraduate study as a music major or minor. 
$4,000 ($1,000 per year)
Grizzly Marching Band Scholarships are available for each semester of participation for all participants! These are available in addition to other scholarships.
Graduate Fellowships and Graduate Teaching Assistantships are also available for qualified full-time graduate students for two years of study.  Amounts vary according to duties.  Contact Dr.LedBetter for more information and availability.