Camp Information

UM Summer Music Camp (Band/Choir/String - June 21-27, 2020; Piano June 14-20, 2020))

We are excited that you have decided to be a part of the 2020 UM Summer Music Camp! It is people like you who help make the entire camp an enjoyable and musically rewarding experience for everyone involved.  We are extremely proud of our camp faculty and counselors and we are looking forward to the opportunity to work with you this summer.  I think you'll find our staff to be not only experts in their field but also quality, caring individuals.

Camp Information

Registration for all campers will take place in the lobby of the Music Building between 2:00 and 5:00 pm. on Sunday, June 21. (June 14 for Piano Camp)  The building is located on Maurice Avenue, between Eddy and Connell Streets.   There is almost no parking available in front of or near the music building.  Please view this Campus Parking Map showing available parking lots in relationship to the School of Music. Parking passes are required M-F; 7am-5pm.  If your camper is planning on having a car on campus during the week, they will need to buy a parking pass at the School of Music office.  The passes will be available at registration for $13, this pass will cover parking for all 5-days.  There is no parking pass necessary on Sunday or Saturday.

At the time of registration, payment will be due for any remaining balances for tuition and/or room and board (for those living on campus for the week) and also $20 per lesson ($25 for Piano Camp) if you choose to take private lessons from one of our faculty members.  Students planning to stay on campus are urged to arrive early in the registration period so that you will have time to meet your roommate and get settled into your room before the placement auditions begin.

If you have not mailed them in already, PLEASE BRING YOUR COMPLETED  Medical Release Form, Camper/Parent Conduct Agreement and Photo Release Form.


Placement auditions will take place throughout the registration time (2 - 5pm).  There will also be middle school and high school  jazz bands. ALL camp trumpets, trombones, saxophones, piano, guitar, bass and drumset will be able to be in one of the jazz ensembles if they choose.  We also offer a Jazz Rhythm Section track for students who play jazz Bass, Guitar or Piano.  Placement auditions for Bass, Guitar and Piano will take place from 4-5pm.


Audition materials for the Concert Bands, Orchestra and Choirs will consist of 1-minute of anything the student chooses; from a solo or music from their schools band/choir, plus sight-reading material selected from the repertoire being performed by the camp ensembles.  Jazz Band Auditions consist of a bebop excerpt and a ballad excerpt along with sight reading as well as optional improvisation. Jazz drumset auditions will consist of selected grooves incorporating 4-bar solos in the groove and sight-reading.

Jazz Band Audition Material

  • Suggested audition material for the 2020 camp will be available in June.

Sunday Evening:

At 5:15pm there will be a pizza dinner and a meeting for all campers, faculty and staff.  After dinner we will have a brief meeting to introduce faculty members and counselors and discuss mini-courses.  Following this meeting, the first rehearsal for the ensembles will take place from 6:30 - 8:30pm.  All campers must be present for these important Sunday evening events.


One of the most exciting aspects of our UM Summer Music Camp is the mini-course opportunity for all campers.  All campers will be able to select two classes, one to run Monday and Tuesday at 11:00 - 11:50am and the other meeting during the same hour on Thursday and Friday.  Two changes to the schedule:  We will offer Jazz Combos at this time and the combos as well as those who select the Beginning or Advanced Jazz Improvisation Class will be in that course for all four mini-course days.

An online survey link will be sent to students so they can indicate their first, second and third choices for mini-courses.  Assignments will be posted on Monday morning.  Please complete this online survey before arriving at camp.  Descriptions of the mini-courses will be available in the survey.

Private Lessons:

Another feature of the UM Music Camp is the optional lesson program.  Students wishing to arrange for private lessons, to be held in addition to the daily master-class sessions, are welcome to do so during the Sunday afternoon registration process.  The charge for each half-hour lesson will be $20.00 ($25.00 for Piano Camp) and payment should be made directly to the teacher and not in the same payment as registration.  There will be signup sheets available at registration. Lesson time(s) will be scheduled with the instructor at a time which does not conflict with other camp activities.  Those wishing to take  private lessons should bring appropriate lesson materials to camp. (etude books, solos, etc.)

Solo Recital:

There is a special Student Solo Recital on Thursday evening.  If you wish to be considered for inclusion in this recital, you should plan to bring along a prepared solo. A solo performed at music festival or contest this past spring would be an appropriate choice.  In order to be considered for this performance you will need to come prepared to play this piece.  Campers wishing to audition for a recital spot will do so during their entrance audition on Sunday evening. A paid staff pianist is available, so be sure that you have the piano accompaniment with you when you arrive at camp.  We feel this is an excellent opportunity to gain some valuable performing experience as well as deserved credit for having worked hard to develop outstanding music skills.

Daily Schedule:

Monday - Friday of the camp, we'll be keeping you very busy with rehearsals, master-classes, and mini-courses from 8am until 6pm each day, with a break for lunch from Noon until 1pm.  Each afternoon from 3:15pm - 4:20pm, we will offer organized recreational activities.  All campers are invited to participate, or they may take advantage of the free time to schedule a private lesson, to practice in our practice rooms, or just to enjoy some time off for relaxation.  Commuter campers may elect to leave the campus at 6pm.

Schedules for each camp will be available in the spring.

  • Band Camp
  • Choir Camp
  • String Camp
  • Piano Camp

Evening Activities:

Each evening Monday - Friday, we will have special activities! All resident campers must attend all evening activities.  While commuter campers are not required to attend the evening activities, we believe these activities/recitals are an integral part of the camp, and therefore we strongly encourage your attendance.
  • Monday night - Faculty Recital
  • Tuesday night - This activity has varied from year to year.  (Camp social, Osprey Game, Concert, BBQ)
  • Wednesday night - Missoula City Band Concert
  • Thursday night - Student Solo Night
  • Friday night - Camp Chamber Recital

What to Bring Header

All Campers

  • If you wish to take extra lessons or perform in the Thursday Night Solo Recital, bring appropriate lesson materials and solo music to your audition on Sunday afternoon.
  • Lockers will be available for your use and assigned at the time of registration.  Locks will be provided and there will be no charge for their use.
  • Please bring clothing appropriate for the two student performances, one on Friday evening and the final performance on Saturday.  For these occasions, nice casual dresses or skirts and tops might be appropriate for the women, and slacks with short-sleeved shirts, with or without tie, are suggested for the men.  NO jeans, for the performance please.

Band/Jazz Campers

  • Your instrument(s)!  Be sure they are in good working order and clearly marked with personal identification.
  • All necessary musical accessories - a folding music stand; extra reeds; valve/slide oil, cork grease, mutes, and any other items which apply directly to your instrument. Bring a music lyre if you have one.

String Campers

  • Rosin
  • Mutes
  • Instrument and folding stand
  • Bring any lesson music if you want a private lesson

Other items to consider:

  • Tennis and other recreational equipment (Frisbees, etc.)
  • Cameras
  • Snacks
  • Games
  • iPods/earphones etc
  • Phone Chargers
  • Guitars
  • Any other reasonable items to be used during recreation/free time. 
Roller blades and skateboards are not permitted in any university buildings.


Resident campers will be staying in one of the UM residence halls on campus, with university music students serving as full-time counselors.  Mail from family and friends can be sent to the following address and will be distributed daily.

[Student Name]
C/O UM Music Camp
UM School of Music
32 Campus Dr., 7992
Missoula, MT  59812-7992

Suggested Items to Bring:

  • A good, loud alarm clock!!!!!!
  • Typical summer attire for casual wear - it's usually warm but do bring some warm clothing and a jacket.
  • An electric fan!  Of course, we don’t know what the weather will be like when you are here, but dormitory rooms are not air-conditioned.
  • Any other personal items that will help your stay be comfortable and fun
  • Optional - mosquito repellent and sunscreen
  • Umbrella and/or rain gear for rainy days

Remember, the camp is just one week long, and those of you living on campus should plan wisely and pack accordingly.

What is provided for dorm residents:

  • A room key/card
  • Meal pass, mattress pad
  • 2 sheets, pillow
  • Pillowcase
  • Blanket,
  • 2 bath towels are provided for each camper in the dorms
(ALL items must be returned at week's end for a complete checkout) - don't lose anything - the 'fines' are not fun to pay! (There is a $100.00 fine for a lost key, for example!)

Not Provided:

Hand towels and washcloths are not provided. 
Campers should also bring their own soap and shampoo and other personal care items as needed.

Meals for resident campers will be provided from Sunday dinner through Saturday breakfast.  All campers will be provided pizza and pop on Sunday evening, June 21st (June 14 Piano Camp), and a continental breakfast on Saturday, June 27th (June 20 Piano Camp).  You will need to provide your own money for extra snacks or souvenirs during camp.

Reminder for Commuter Campers: Optional meal plans can be added at any time up to Noon on Wednesday, June 19th. After this date the option for adding or changing meal plans will no longer be available. The camp involves evening activities, recitals and performances.  If you are considering an optional lunch card you might want to consider a lunch/dinner card if your student plans to be involved with the evening events. All meals are provided at the Food Zoo cafeteria located in the Lommasson Center except for lunch on Wednesday which will be at Caras Park during Out-To-Lunch.  The Wednesday lunch is included in the meal card price.

Cafateria Food

Students will not be permitted to ride in cars while at camp. Resident campers riding in automobiles with parents must have their parents sign them out of the dormitory and back in upon return. It is requested that students wear shoes at all times.

If you are planning to live on campus and will be driving yourself to Missoula for the camp (parking your car on campus), you will be required to turn in all sets of car keys to a member of our staff upon your arrival.  Keys will be held for the week and will not be returned until the close of the camp on Saturday.  You will not be allowed to drive your car during the week of the camp without special permission from a member of the staff.  Students who are living off campus during the week of the camp and who are planning to commute each day will not be required to submit car keys.  However, they may not transport other campers without special permission.  Likewise, students living on campus are not to leave the premises in a vehicle at any time without special permission from a member of the staff.  The purpose of this policy is to minimize the potential risk to both campers and the camp itself.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation!  In addition, campers planning to park at the University will need to purchase daily parking permits, at a cost of $3.00 per day or 5-day passes for $13 at the Registration Table on Sunday.  Public Safety is vigilant about ticketing.

Bits and Pieces Which May be Helpful

  • Each evening, Monday through Friday, we will have special activities!  All resident campers must attend all evening activities.  While day campers are not required to attend the evening activities, we believe these activities/recitals are an integral part of the camp, and therefore we strongly encourage your attendance.  Please share with your relatives, friends, and hometown music teachers that the camp will close with finale concerts scheduled to begin at 10:00 a.m. on the last day of camp, Saturday, June 29th.  The concerts will be held in the Dennison Theatre and Music Recital Hall.  These performances will be open to the public with no admission charge, and everyone is encouraged to join us.  
  • The use of alcohol and/or drugs is strictly forbidden and will not be tolerated. A VIOLATION OF THIS RULE WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION FROM THIS CAMP.
  • If emergencies occur, please feel free to call upon our staff for assistance.
All camp tuition should be paid in full prior to June 7, 2019 or June 21, 2019 for Piano Camp.  All Resident Campers and Commuter Campers with a meal plan will be furnished meals in the University Food Zoo. No student should carry any great amount of money for travel, or valuables during camp.  It is suggested that traveler’s checks in small amounts be used. PERSONAL CHECKS CANNOT BE CASHED.


Cancellations received prior to 5pm, Friday, June 5 or May 29 for Piano Camp, will receive a full refund of all monies paid.  Please allow 4-5 weeks for processing refunds.  Cancellations received  prior to 5pm, Friday June 12 or June 5 for Piano Camp, will receive a refund less your paid deposit. After June 12 or June 5 for Piano Camp, all fees paid will be forfeited.  For registration questions, please contact Kevin Griggs at (406) 370-8730 or via email at