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Fusion V

UM School of Music presents Fusion V the most eclectic and exciting mash up of musical events in the region.  In one 70-minute seamless showcase, the audience will experience highlights of pieces from nearly every area of study in the UM School of Music including orchestra, jazz, choir, string chamber music, band, percussion ensemble, wind chamber music, opera aria, and steel drum music.
“It is like channel surfing for the listener,” says founder and director, Dr. James Smart.  “Each musical ‘act’ is only three minutes long and the lighting is cued to bounce to the next act with no delay in the sound or energy.  We use all of the space in the Dennison Theater including the seating area so don’t be surprised if you have a tuba player in your lap!”    
The event began in the fall semester of 2009 and was patterned after popular concerts at the Eastman School of Music and University of MichiganThe diversity is not only in the style of music but also in the number of people involved.  This year’s concert will feature pieces by a solitary soloist to a grand finale of over 150 musicians.   
Tickets are all General Admission, $11 general, $6 seniors, $5 students.