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How to Submit Your Recital Program

Submitting Your Recital Program

Schedule Your Event: 
  • You must schedule your event by filling out a Recital Request Form, have your advisor sign it and turn into Dr. Maxine Ramey (MUS 101; 243-6880) for approval. 
  • If your event has not been approved by Dr. Ramey and on the MRH calendar, we will not be able to accept your program materials.
Submit Your Program:  
  • Programs must be submitted at least TWO WEEKS prior to your event.  Please do not wait till the day before your recital to send in your program materials.
  • **A non-formatted document or e-mail is best (NO tables, NO formatting– Please!)
**(it is not helpful to Cheri and it actually takes a lot of extra time if you do not format the information first– Often she has to re-type the entire document to get it to properly fit on to our program template for the School of Music programs)-this is especially true of tables or formatted columns – please avoid these!
Please send information in list format in a non-formatted Microsoft word  or PDF document to an e-mail addressed to
  1.  Picture(s) for use on the website & on the cover of your program
  2.  Concert Program
  3.  Program Notes
  4.  Biographical Information
  5.  Acknowledgements
In the body of the email, please be sure to include your contact information, including your current phone number and the name of your advisor.  Please provide all information as a single column; see the following example as a guideline for program submission:
Front Cover
Your Name, instrument
assisted by (if applicable): Name, instrument
Indicate the type of recital (Graduate RECITAL; Senior RECITAL; etc.).
Day, Date, Year
  • Title of Composition, Op., No., Collection and/or date of composition (as appropriate)
  • Composer Name (composer’s dates)
  • Movement (if applicable)
  • Movement (if applicable)
If it is a shared recital, please indicate the performer under each composition.
  • Repeat for each composition
  • Insert the word INTERMISSION where appropriate.
  • Performers Bio with head shot (Optional)
  • Program Notes (Optional)
Once your program is completed, it will be given to your advisor for proofing.
If your recital has been canceled or if you have any questions or concerns contact:
Promotion Coordinator
Cheri Ferguson 243-6885