Navigate for Advisors and Staff Users

Navigate should not be used as a reporting tool. The data is intended to inform operations but should not be used in lieu of other formal reports vetted by the UM Data Office.

Detailed information for Advisors and other Staff Users

Keeping track of your advisees can be overwhelming when it comes to providing support to those who need it most. Navigate can help you prioritize, keep track of your efforts, and coordinate with instructors and other staff members on campus.

Test Environment

Instructions for Advisors on Pulling Early Alert Reports

Advising Manual


  1. Login to Navigate (; enter Net ID and PW)
  2. Click icon for Advanced Search in the navigation column on the left side of home screen:
    Advanced Search Photo
  3. Once on the Advanced Search page, click “Enrollment History” drop down, and select “Fall 2020” in the “Enrollment Terms (In Any of these)?” text field, then click the “+” sign next to the “Enrollment Terms (In Any of these)?” text field as shown below:
    Enrollment Term
  4. Select “Fall 2020” in the “Enrollment Terms (In All of these)?” text field and select “Spring 2021” in the “Enrollment Terms (In None of these)?” text field, check the “My Students Only” box, and then click the “Search” button at the bottom as shown below. A listing of your assigned students sorted alphabetically by student last name will appear.  You can then click each student’s name to access their profile page.
    Enrollment Terms Range
It will be important for all advisors to use the Appointment Campaign feature within Navigate to invite their assigned students to schedule advising appointments. Detailed instructions on how to create an Appointment Campaign in Navigate are available on p. 16 of the training guide.

There are two ways you can make yourself show up as an organizer. One is to check the box on the top right to include your appointment availabilities. The other is to go back to your availabilities and add “Campaign” availability. That edit should show up in the highlighted area next to your name in the screenshot below.


To enable campaign availability for yourself, please go the “Availabilities” tab on your staff home page in Navigate, click the “Add Time” option from the Action dropdown, and then click the “Campaigns” button.


All advisors are expected to complete Appointment Summary Reports in Navigate for all advising appointments. Detailed guidance on completing Appointment Summary Reports is available on p. 18 of the training guide.

If you wish to provide instructions to students about how to initiate an appointment with you – which is separate from the Appointment Campaign instructions provided above – your own availabilities tab will provide the relevant details. Using the screen shot below as an example, this advisor would tell a student to click through the scheduling work flow as follows:   

  • First choose a care unit (“Advising” in this case)  
  • then a purpose for the appointment (“Scholarships and Fellowship Advising” in this case)
  • and then a meeting location (“Davidson Honors College – DHC 116”)    

At this point the workflow will give the student the ability to choose from a list of staff, and should be able to select your name so long as you have availability.  In many cases, there is a restriction in place that a student must be assigned to the advisor in a formal capacity, so if the student does not show up in your list of assigned students, this restriction may prevent a student from scheduling with you.  You can certainly schedule with the student by looking them up in Navigate and then choosing the schedule an appointment option from the menu on the right.  

If students who are assigned to you encounter problems when going through the scheduling workflow, please have them provide as much information as they can about the three bullet points above, and forward the info to the OSS tech team for troubleshooting.

Availabilities Demo

Please click the following link for the tutorial video.