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24th National Conference on Undergraduate Research

FAN Sessions

FAN Sessions (Faculty and Administrator Network) 

Session 1

Thursday, 12:15 - 1:15 p..m.

FAN 1.1 University Center 326
The SENCER Project:  Making Course Content Immediately Relevant Through Civic Engagement Wm. David Burns   National Center for Science and Civic Engagement
FAN 1.2 University Center 327
Funding Opportunities at the NSF for Faculty at Predominantly Undergraduate Institutions Bert Holmes John Mateja University of North Carolina, Asheville and Murray State University
SURSCA enters the 21st century by utilizing "Facebook" as a contact tool and peer-reviewed grants to build the UWRF UG research culture William Campbell Ashley Graef, Felicia Colbeth, Tim Morris, Sam Lifton, Robert Gordon, Paul Casper, Cheng-chen Huang, Tim Lyden University of Wisconsin-River Falls
FAN 1.3 University Center 330
Assessing Creative Writing as Research Sharon Cumberland   Seattle University
Nurses at War:  Engaging Undergraduate Student Nurses in Oral History  Patricia Rushton   Brigham Young University
FAN 1.4 University Center 331
Entrepreneurs + Computer Science + Art/Design + Marketing = Learning cognitive skills of the 21st century Nancy Mata   Millersville University
The Opinions and Attitudes of Business Students about the Value of taking Liberal Arts Courses Ethan Christensen   University of Wisconsin-Superior
FAN 1.5 University Center 332
Empower the Undergraduate: Engaging Students in Research in the Performing Arts Jennifer Snodgrass Reeves Shulstad Appalachian State University
Implementation of Playful Design Methodology Lori Shyba   Montana Tech of The University of Montana

Session 2

Friday, 11:40 a.m. - 12:40 p.m. B12

FAN 2.1 University Center 326
Tips on How to Write a Better NSF Proposal to Support Research of Education at a PUI John Mateja Bert Holmes Murray State University and University of North Carolina, Asheville
FAN 2.2 University Center 327
Can Publishable Research Results Be Produced in Effective Undergraduate Chemistry Labs? Evaluation of a Project Format in the Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Lab at Southwestern Oklahoma State University Timothy Hubin   Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Enriching the Undergraduate Biomedical Science Research Curriculum Flona Redway   Barry University
University Center 330
FAN 2.3 Community service work, civic engagement and giving back to society: Key factors in improving interethnic relationships August Hoffman   University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Engaging Undergraduate Students through multidisciplinary International Field Experiences: A case study of SRU's Bahamas Program Tamra Schiappa   Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
University Center 331
FAN 2.4 Programmatic Improvement through the Practice of Benchmarking: A Case Example Kristen Skogerboe   Seattle University
Inquiry Teaching and Undergraduate Research - Are They Really Just Two Sides of the Same Coin? Kerry Cheesman   Capital University