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24th National Conference on Undergraduate Research

About Missoula

Known as the "Garden City" for its dense trees and lush green landscapes, Missoula is nestled in the Rocky Mountain grandeur of western Montana. Missoula is roughly halfway between Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks and is the hub of five valleys and three major rivers - the Blackfoot, the Bitterroot and the Clark Fork of the Columbia. 

Missoula is a blend of small-town charm and big-city sophistication.

"...Missoula is urbane, artistic, hip..." - Skywest Magazine

The Missoula Convention and Visitors Bureau welcomes you to Missoula!

Walk, Run, or Hike along the River Front Trail:

  • The Carousel for Missoula and Dragon Hollow
  • Brennan's Wave
  • River Front Park Trail System
  • MoBASH Skateboard Park
  • Currents Aquatic Center
  • McCormick Park Softball Fields 

Downtown Missoula!  A 5-minute walk from campus across the footbridge:

  • Shopping, dining and drinking all located in scenic Downtown Missoula!
  • Higgins Hip Strip - several delicious restaurants
  • Missoula Historic Tour - Glacial Lake Missoula
  • Several Art Galleries - including the Monte Dolack Gallery
  • Eclectic and groovy coffee shops
  • Missoula ART Museum
  • International Wildlife Film Festival and Media Center on Higgins Hip Strip

Around town, it may be further away but also worth checking out:

  • Southgate Mall
  • Aerial Fire Depot & Smokejumper Center
  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Visitor's Center
  • Rattlesnake National Recreation and Wilderness Area: 4.75 Miles from UM
  • Museums & Galleries: Montana Museum of Art and Culture, Monte Dolack Gallery, Missoula Art Museum, Historic Museum at Fort Missoula

Top 10 Things To Do near Campus (in the eyes of a UM college student):

  1. Hike the "M" trail - it is on campus and will get your heart beat up.
  2. Walk the River Front Trail - its adjacent to campus and offers a lovely stroll filled with parks and dog walkers.
  3. Stock up on books, art supplies and Griz Gear from the UC Bookstore - it's a necessity!
  4. Hungary? Check out the Food Court in the University Center (2nd floor) and the UC Market downstairs.
  5. Yum! The Big Dipper has magical ice cream in a unique assortment of flavors to help you out; it's on Higgins & 5th along the Hip Strip.
  6. Play frisbee in the oval - great way to make friends!
  7. Follow the 8-ball and play pool or ping pong in the UC Game Room.
  8. Open late, Jus Chillin in the UC is the only coffee & food venue on campus that is open at night.
  9. Shopping Downtown - there is something for everyone, including awesome coffee which every college student needs. Just follow the footbridge towards Higgins Street.
  10. Still have left over energy? Ok, go hike to the top of Mount Sentinel - above the "M"... bring a flashlight!

For more information about Missoula, please visit