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New Course Number Information (Montana University System Common Course Numbering)


New Course Numbers

IMPORTANT: New course numbering (Common Course Numbering) only affects course subject abbreviations and numbers.  It does NOT affect course content or degree requirements. 


Effective Autumn Semester 2009, the Montana University System moved to common numbering for all undergraduate courses at all public institutions in Montana.  Additionial courses are converted each academic year as the process continues.

What Does This Mean?

All public colleges and universities in Montana will use the same subject abbreviations (the letter codes that indicate the course subject), numbers, and titles for courses taught on more than one campus. 

If students transfer to another campus, ONLY common course numbered courses also taught at the new campus will automatically transfer as equivalent.  All other courses will continue to transfer as electives and will be applied to curricular requirements at the discretion of the faculty at the receiving institution.

UM subject abbreviations and course numbers will change as implementation moves forward each year, but the number grows smaller each year.  Many familiar course titles have changed, and additional courses will change for the 2013-2014 Academic Years. 

     Some courses will change level (e.g., from the 300-level to the 400-level).

     Course content remains the purview of faculty and will NOT be changed as a result of this process.

     During the transition period, which will last several years, the lists of what courses are required for majors will be updated yearly to reflect the changes.

What Disciplines and Programs Have Changed?

We have created a New Course Number Translation Guide to help you determine how course numbers have changed.  With this guide you can select the old subject abbreviations and see what those courses are now called, or you can select the new subject code and see what they were called before conversion. 

The UM catalog (online) includes the new numbers and titles in all curricula as the course numbers are revised each year.  Course revisions effective for prior academic years are reflected in prior year's catalogs.  Revisions effective for each new academic year appear in the new academic year catalog.  For example, changes made during the 2012-2013 Academic Year are published and in effect in the 2013-2014 catalog.  Catalogs are published on-line in mid-June, and the changes are in effect for the following Autumn Semester. All common course number changes made to date may be viewed via the Translation Guide link to the left and via the link below . 

New course subjects/numbers are reflected in the Course Schedule, published on-line for each term. A similar timeline is in effect for all subsequent years as new courses are added or courses are revised.

Changes at a Glance

Changes made for the 2013-2014 Academic Year may be viewed via  pdf document

All courses that have been converted, including those converted for 2013-2014, may be viewed via the New Course Number Translation Guide

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