OneIT at UM

The OneIT initiative is a six-month strategic planning process that seeks to design integrated IT services that align with UM's strategic vision and meet the following challenges set forth by President Sheila Stearns:

  • Maintain and ideally enhance services to faculty, staff, and students
  • Achieve efficiencies and cost savings in the deployment of software, hardware, and personnel
  • Improve cross-training and professional development for IT personnel across campus
  • Ensure that the FTE delivering IT services can flex efficiently and appropriately according to student enrollment, faculty and staff served, research requirements, campus infrastructure size and characteristics, and inevitable expansion of support for online courses, programs and administrative services

In short, the goal of OneIT is to design and deliver better IT services more efficiently.


One IT process timeline

The OneIT planning process will occur from May-October, 2017. Our charge is to deliver a plan to the President on November 1, 2017.

The first stage of our process will be to gather information about user needs and to map current IT services and structures. We expect to complete this phase by the end of July. After gathering, analyzing and synthesizing the data we gather, we will generate ideas that can be prototyped, tested and refined.

Next meeting

Thursday, October 5
11 a.m.
UC 225

Draft recommendations

The OneIT team has published 24 draft recommendations and invites your feedback between now and October 15.

The campus community had an opportunity to discuss the draft recommendations at an open forum on October 3. If you weren't able to attend, you can watch the forum here.

Engage online

You can participate in an online conversation about Reimagining IT at the University of Montana using a tool called Ideascale. You can submit ideas, as well as vote and comment on existing ideas. 

The first time you participate, you will be asked to create a profile. Please use a University of Montana email address for your account.

You can also provide feedback by emailing