July 11, 2020


Hi Student,

One of our greatest strengths at the University of Montana comes from the diversity of lived experiences, ideas and people who choose to live and study here. Sometimes finding a community can be challenging, especially when you move to a new place and are surrounded by unfamiliar faces. The Theresa Branch Center is home to a variety of the student organizations who are open to new members — just like you.

Meet Some of the Groups Housed in the Branch Center in this Video

When you arrive on campus this fall, please stop by the Branch Center to meet some of these UM students, or to just hang out and study. Even if you don’t identify with the student groups in the video, college can be a great opportunity to “branch out” (get it?) and learn from folks who have different lived experiences than you. All are welcome!

Don’t forget, all first-year students should complete Online Bear Tracks and register for New Student Orientation, and transfer students should complete the Online New Student Orientation.

Talk to you soon, Griz!

Devin Carpenter
Director of New Student Success
Office of the Vice Provost for Student Success
orientation@mso.umt.edu | 406-243-2332