Steps Before Orientation - Missoula College

This is for all Missoula College students. Please view the Freshman or Transfer pages if you fit that criteria.

Register for Orientation

Check out your Orientation Options.
We offer both on-line and in-person options for your convenience. If you register for one, it’s not necessary to do the other

Activate Your UMConnect Email Account

Log into your UMConnect Student Email account, and check it regularly. UMConnect serves as the official means of communication between students and the University of Montana, including information about registration, tuition and fees notifications, urgent announcements, notices from President Engstrom and the UM administration. This is a very important step, as we will send you multiple significant emails throughout the pre-Orientation process. If you prefer to forward this email to your personal account, you have that option, as well. View instructions on how to forward your UMConnect email.

To log into your UMConnect account, you will need to use your NetID, which you can find by clicking the "What's my NetID" link below the login. Your initial password will be the last six digits of your Student ID Number (begins with 790, and located on your acceptance letter).

Clear Your Holds

Before you can register for your courses, Curry Health Center must receive documentation of MMRs and screening for tuberculosis exposure. You must complete the following medical requirements before you can register for classes.

  • Go to our Health Portal:
  • Log in using your NetID. You can find your NetID using the online NetID lookup tool. If you have never logged in with your NetID, your initial password is the last six digits of your UM ID number, which begins with 790.
  • Click on the Forms Table and complete the Tuberculosis Questionnaire form.
  • The State of Montana also requires you to submit proof of 2 MMR vaccines, or 2 doses rubeola and rubella or IgG titers for both rebeola and rubella.
  • Once we receive your uploaded immunization records and Teberculosis Questionnaire we will review your information and notify you via the Health Portal of your clearance to register.

Questions? Please visit or give Curry Health Center at call at (406) 243-4330.

Math Placement Scores

  • If you have not taken college level math, a Math Placement Test is required for all new students at the Missoula College.
  • Placement tests provide an accurate assessment of a student’s skill level to place them in the appropriate courses.

Writing Placement Scores

  • If you have not taken: a.) completed WRIT 101 at UM or those bringing in a transfer course equivalent including dual-credit, b.) students who scored a 3 or higher on the English/Language & Composition AP, or have successfully completed specific SAT or ACT sections, a Writing Placement Test is required.
  • Placement tests provide an accurate assessment of a student’s skill level to place them in the appropriate courses.

My Academics

Summer and Fall Orientations Only

All Missoula College students who are starting Fall semester are required to complete the specific tasks listed in their personalized My Academics online portal prior to attending Orientation.

General AA students who complete all My Academics tasks by the deadline posted may be preregistered for some courses prior to Orientation.

Students in all other programs at Missoula College, including Health Professions, Applied Computing & Electronics, Industrial Technology, and Business Technology, should complete their My Academics tasks so they will be ready to register for courses after meeting with their advisor at orientation.

Get started on your My Academics tasks today!

Griz Card Online Photo Submission

Get ready to smile! Head to the Griz Card Photo Submission Page to upload a photo for your UM ID. If you do this ahead of time, it’s one less thing to take care of at Orientation. Plus: you get to choose your photo (within reason!)