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What is the ALEKS math placement test?

The University uses ALEKS, a web-based, artificial intelligence testing system to determine a student's level of math preparedness. ALEKS uses adaptive questioning to quickly and accurately zero in on the strengths and any weaknesses in math, determining a placement level report for the student. The test is not timed and free response; most students complete their ALEKS test in under an hour.  ALEKS scores range from Level 1 (Ready for Prealgebra) to Out of Level 4 (Ready for Calculus).  In the prerequisite description "ALEKS = 5" is the same as "Out of Level 4" for the ALEKS score. More information on math placement is available here.

One of the prerequisites is an ALEKS score, and I never took the placement test. 

If you currently do not have an ALEKS score, you may take the ALEKS math placement test to determine your placement level - but you should first check to see if you meet the prerequisite in any other way. If you can't remember your ALEKS score, contact your major department's advising office or call The Office for Student Success at (406) 243-2800 - someone can look it up for you.

To take ALEKS, you'll need the UM Course Code to take the test, which is: MAHXU XDVMA if you are a Mountain Campus student, and K4VET DGGQ3 if you are a student at the Missoula College. The ALEKS placement test is taken online; you may upload the software onto your own computer or take it on the computers at the Mansfield Library (both the Mountain and Missoula College.) There is no cost to you to take the test. 

It takes 24-48 hours for the ALEKS score to be automatically uploaded into CyberBear. If your score meets the course prerequisite, CyberBear should permit you to register for the desired course after the ALEKS score has been uploaded, which usually takes between 24-48 hours. If you intend to use your ALEKS placement score to immediately apply for a waiver, print out your results at the end of the test.

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