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Prerequisites will be enforced at the time of CyberBear registration for these Fall 2012 courses.

What is prerequisite checking?

When a student attempts to register for a course with an enforced prerequisite, CyberBear checks his/her transcript to determine if the student is either currently registered in the course prerequisite or has successfully completed the required prerequisite(s) in a previous semester.  If CyberBear is unable to verify either situation, the student receives a Registration Error message in CyberBear stating: "CyberBear cannot determine that you have met the prerequisites for this course.  Please click here for further information."  (The student will be directed to this web site.)

What happens if a student believes he/she meets the prerequisite for a course? 

There are several situations that may result in CyberBear not being able to determine that a student has completed a course prerequisite.  Often courses taken at another institution are not recognized as equivalent courses.  For this reason we created a "Gate Two" waiver process.  To obtain a waiver, the student applies directly to the academic department responsible for teaching the course. Click here to obtain the downloadable waiver form; you must prepare a separate form for each course for which you are seeking a waiver. 

For students who are currently enrolled in a course prerequisite . . .

Students who are currently enrolled in a prerequisite course will be permitted to register for the new course. If the student fails to successfully complete the prerequisite course, he/she will be dropped from the new course prior to the start of the following semester. For most courses, successful completion is defined as achieving a grade of "C-" or better (the same standard for general education courses), although some courses have more rigorous grade requirements.  Check the course description in the UM Course Catalog for the specific "satisfactory completion" requirements.

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