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Humanities and Global

Second Semester in Humanities

So, you made it through the adjustment period of your first semester, but still are unsure of a major?  Don’t panic!  You can still explore majors in your area of interest and make progress towards your graduation requirements.

For the second semester in Humanities, you should meet with an academic advisor in the Undergraduate Advising Center to discuss if any of your interests have changed and craft a schedule. 

If you are still undecided and want to continue with Humanities, we recommend building a second semester schedule that includes:

  • A Writing or General Education Course (3 cr.)
  • A Modern or Classical Language Course (5 cr.)
  • A Historical & Cultural Studies or Literary & Artistic Studies Course (3-4 cr.)
  • A General Education Course (3-5 cr.)

A list of course options in each of these areas can be found in the Humanities Major Map form.

Major Discovery Checkpoints

In addition to crafting a schedule, you should:

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