Early Alerts Tips

Tips for helping students who receive early alerts:

  • The best approach for a student who receives an alert is to visit with the instructor who issued the alert as soon as possible. This clarifies for the student exactly what the issue is and helps the student seek appropriate support resources. 
  • Academic advisors can help connect students to appropriate resources (see links for some of these resources below) and discuss short and long-term academic, career, and co-curricular planning. 
  • In some cases, dropping a course in which an alert was issued or changing the grade option could be good strategies for students.  Sometimes there are consequences to dropping courses, however, and often they are financially related.  Generally speaking, any student who receives Federal Student Aid, scholarships, Vocational Rehabilitation funding, or any other educational funding should check with the appropriate office before dropping a course.  Student Veterans and international students should always check with the appropriate office before dropping a course, and the approval of these offices is required on the Course Drop Form. 
  • Dates and deadlines for course change transactions are available at the following link: http://www.umt.edu/registrar/PDF/Spring2017RegistrationDeadlinesChart.pdf

Campus resources available for all students: