Early Alert

Early Alert

If you are taking a freshman or sophomore level class (any course numbered less than 300), your instructor will have the opportunity to send you a Warning, or “Deficiency” notice.

Q. What should I do if I get a Deficiency email?

A. Talk directly to your instructor about ways to improve your grade in the class. See if tutoring is available, or if you need to improve your note-taking/test preparation techniques. You might also want to talk with your academic advisor about your options.

Q. I didn’t get any Deficiency emails. Does that mean I’m passing everything?

A. Possibly, but be sure. Check your course grades in Moodle.

Q. How do I know how I’m doing in my classes?

A. Every class is graded a little differently. Be sure to check your course syllabus to see how homework, quizzes, class participation, exams and papers contribute to your final grade. When in doubt, be sure to talk with your instructor or TA about your class standing.