My Academics

My Academics:  a student's introduction to academics at UM

My Academics is the freshman's summer guide to academics at The University of Montana.  We've brought together the information new students need to explore majors, learn about summer registration, and make decisions regarding their future at The University of Montana.

After a freshman is admitted to UM and prior to their arrival on campus, the student receives an invitation to log on to the My Academics portal.  The portal contains information relevant to the particular student:  ACT/SAT and writing placement scores, information about how to change a major, and links to academic resources for further information.

Most importantly, My Academics displays each student's personalized My To-Do List that sets forth all of the academic tasks that entering freshmen must complete by the communicated deadlines so that they may be registered in the high-demand courses for their majors.  One of those tasks - completing the Academic Interest Questionnaire (A-IQ) - allows the student to indicate specific interest within the chosen major, as well as list high school courses and courses taken for college credit, AP and IB credits, etc.

My Academics for Fall 2019 is closed.