Student Requirements

Student requirements to participate in the Four Bear Program are as follows:

Regularly monitor UM Connect student email account.  All Four Bear Program communications, including an invitation to the Program, are sent through UM Connect student email.

Attend a General Information Meeting and sign a Four Bear contract to officially join the program.  Students keep a copy of the contract, which details all requirements.

Each semester, meet with the student’s assigned academic advisor of record, including any assigned advisors in second majors or minors.

In the second semester of the freshman, sophomore, and junior years, create and follow a Four Year Plan to Complete, developed using Academic Planner and signed and approved by the student’s academic advisor of record.  The Four Year Plan to Complete must be submitted to the Four Bear Coordinator no later than the last class day of the spring semester.  If revisions to the Four Year Plan to Complete are required following its submittal, a new Four Year Plan to Complete must be resubmitted by the student.  The new version must have been signed and approved by the academic advisor of record.

Register for the courses that appear on the Four Year Plan to Complete during the Four Bear priority registration period every semester.

Attend a workshop every fall semester of freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years.  Additionally, there will be a spring workshop on academic planning for freshmen.

Note: Pre-Pharmacy and Pre-Nursing students can participate in Four Bear, even though these are not four-year degree programs at UM.