Four Bear Workshops

Part of the requirements of the Four Bear Program are mandatory workshops on various topics related to academic planning.  Each workshop is listed below.

Academic Planning Workshops - These take place every spring semester and are designed to help students create a four year plan to graduation. 

Financial Planning Workshops - These take place every fall semester and are designed to help students understand the importance of responsible financial planning and how it relates to academic planning.  The Financial Planning Workshops are required for freshman-level Four Bear students.

Academic Enrichment Workshops - These take place every fall semester and are designed to introduce the many co-curricular activities and experiences possible for UM students.  Whether students want to study abroad, do an internship related to their studies, or participate in undergraduate research and creative scholarship, there are many possibilities to get involved outside the classroom and make the most of one's educational experience.   The Academic Enrichment Workshops are required for sophomore-level Four Bear students.

"What's Next" Workshops - These take place every fall semester and focus on life after college.  For students intending to apply to graduate school, the UM Graduate School facilitates the workshop to help you prepare for the application process.  For students who plan to join the workforce, Career Services facilitates the workshop to help you tailor your résumé and make yourself as marketable as possible.  The "What's Next" Workshops are required for junior-level Four Bear students.

Preparing to Graduate Workshops - These take place during the fall semester of Four Bear students' senior year and focus entirely on helping students complete graduation applications correctly. The Preparing to Graduate Workshops are required for senior-level Four Bear students.