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Degree and Registration Planning

System Testing

Test integrated Degree & Registration Planning tools (i.e. make sure all the technology works).

OSS / Registrar's Office System Administrators February 1 - 15 Complete image
Prototype Testing

Test advising use cases (i.e. make sure the technology fits for the current advising business processes).

OSS/Registrar's Office System Administrators February 15 - 28 Complete image
End-to-End Testing

Advisors experienced with New Freshmen Orientation and Core Course Registration to test the web content, communication plans and integrated planning & registration tools to make sure everything is ready for the onboarding of the new 201870 Freshmen.

Experienced CCR Advisors Week of March 19 and March 26 Complete image
Training - Phase I

For faculty, staff and student advocates scheduled to work Summer Orientation.

Faculty, advisors, staff working Summer Orientation April 16 – June 19 In Progress
Develop Marketing & Communication Plan

Buildout of marketing and communication plan, web resources, training materials and videos to be used for the Full Rollout in the Fall.

OSS/Registrar's Office System Administrators July - August
Training - Phase 2

Advising Technologies training for faculty, staff and student advocates on campus during the Summer in preparation for the Full Rollout in the Fall.

Faculty, advisors, staff and student advocates available during Summer semester July-August 15th
Training - Phase 3

Advising Technologies Training for remaining/returning faculty and staff in preparation for the Full Rollout in the Fall

All remaining faculty, advisors and staff. August 20th - 31st
Launch marketing and communication plan
OSS/Registrar's Office System Administrators September-October

All students and advisors using Advising Technologies for priority registration for Spring/201930.

All Students, Advisors and Faculty October 
Training - Ongoing

Additional/ongoing campus trainings on the Advising Technologies – starting in September; ongoing into the future at least monthly

All Students, Advisors and Faculty Ongoing