The Outfield Alliance is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, and intersex (LBGTQI) group open to University of Montana employees and graduate students. The group has existed for about 15 years at the university. The Outfield Alliance functions as a social group that meets a few times during the academic year, works on LGBTQI-related issues, sponsors educational events on campus, and provides a support network to those experiencing discrimination. We email periodically throughout the year to coordinate social events. The coordinators can be reached at

2017-18 Coordinators:

Upcoming Events

Thursday, September 7 - UM Rainbow Welcome
  • A fun, low-key event that brings the UM LGBTQ Community together and demonstrates our presence on campus as well as the support and welcome we receive here.
Tuesday, October 3 - UM Outfield Alliance Gathering
  • Potluck/BBQ Event - location TBD
Wednesday-Thursday, November 1-2 - DiverseU
  • DiverseU is a campus-wide series of events focused on topics of diversity. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members discuss, present, perform, and exhibit art throughout the day.
Thursday, December 7 - UM Outfield Alliance Gathering
  •  Bar/Restaurant Event - location TBD