About Pursue Your Passions CARES Coaching

About the Program

Pursue Your Passions (PYP) as a subcenter of Prospera and the MT Business Women’s Center is offering coaching and trainings for women business folks, especially those who are just hatching ideas or may be running into COVID-related snags, as part of our greater mission to create empowering environments where women say their ideas out loud.

The Trainings

Beginning Winter of 2021, women entrepreneurs are invited to free trainings made available via the Pursue Your Passions Mighty Network.

The Coach

Amanda Miller has 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and a Master’s in Business Administration from U of M. In addition to being at the helm of a successful local business, she proudly leads her family while balancing her other passion pursuits including competing at an international level in Taekwondo and climbing mountains for fun. 

Amanda Miller  


Coach Amanda is hosting free office hours weekly on Fridays at 1PM for folks at any stage of idea development. Join her here in the Pursue Your Passions Mighty Network.

You may also schedule a FREE coaching sessions with Amanda here for:

  • Honing your vision
  • Kicking around ideas and being connected to helpful resources
  • Entry-level coaching, consulting, and technical assistance to startup, build, stabilize, and scale
  • Developing business models around ideas and plans
  • Translating business strategy for early-stage women business owners




University Center
Suite 250
Missoula, MT 59812
Phone: (406) 370-4589