UM Student Registration

Registration Details for Cyberbear


This is a late start course, so fees are waived if you register up until the start of the course.

Here is How to Register for the course via Cyberbear:

  • Start in Cyberbear, and Student Services;
  • On the Left side, under your portfolio picture, there is a navigation bar, click the ”Course Add Change Drop” option, accept listed conditions;
  • Click "Add Course";
  • Type the course rubric and course number to pull up a list;
  • Then click on the CRN (35180 for undergraduate, and 35181 for graduate)
  • Check both boxes;
  • and "Finish Adding Course";
  • You are all set!

Undergraduates and Graduates:

  • Course Number: HONR 491
  • CRN: 35181
  • Credits: 1**
*For DHC students looking to gain an honors experience credit, we require you to register for an additional independent study credit: HONR 492 to meet your Honors 2-credit requirement, there will be an extra set of evaluations, project, or paper to meet that requirement. If you have any questions, contact Kaetlyn Cordingley:
**For graduate students looking to take this for graduate credit, you should be able to register for the 400-level course and the instructor will assign you a project, paper, or presentation for graduate-level evaluation.