Pursue Your Passions Grants

We Want You to Succeed

Pursue Your Passions provides microgrants to women in need of childcare during class time and to UM students ready to pursue their idea.

We will continue to solicit donors and sponsors to increase the microgrants we have available and continue supporting women who are accelerating their potential in our programs.

PYP Childcare Stipend

This is a new offer open to UM students and the general public.

For Spring 2020 and Summer 2020, we will have 10 stipends at $100 to give to women who have significant financial need of child care during class hours.

These will be first-come, first-served and based on financial need. Please submit even if you feel you are unsure if you would qualify because, depending on how many requests we receive, if we have extra money or a donor gives us additional funds, we can throw a little more cash your way.

Please email the director if you are interested in this grant with the following information:

  • A three-sentence summary of how this grant will be of assistance to you.
  • Your household income (include income of whomever may be contributing to your basic expenses). 
  • Number of people in your family.
  • City and State of residency.


PYP Student Fellowship

PYP Student Fellowship Defined

Thanks to several sponsors and donors, Pursue Your Passions is happy to offer two fellowships at the conclusion of the 2018-2019 academic year and will award subsequent fellowships every year thereafter that funding allows. These fellowships include:

  • $350-500 cash stipend to be used for their passion project/organization
  • LaunchPad space and facility to continue working on their passion project/organization
  • LaunchPad staff and support
The following summer and school year is the term of the fellowship.

PYP Fellowship Eligibility

To be eligible for a PYP Fellowship women must be:

  • Current students or recent graduates (within one year).
  • Must have completed one of two PYP courses:
    • Pursue Your Passions
    • Business Basics

Passioneers must apply for a fellowship and applications will be evaluated by the PYP Advisory Board.

For a list of sponsors who have made these fellowships possible, please visit the Sponsors page

Applications open every Spring and we give between one and two fellowships.