Travis  Wheeler

Contact Information

Courses Taught


Fall: Data Structures & Algorithms (CSCI 232)

Spring: Analysis of Algorithms (CSCI 332)

Fall: Computational Biology / Bioinformatics (CSCI 451 / 558)

Fall: Parallel Computing (CSCI 489 / 580)


Research Interests

The Wheeler lab designs algorithms and statistical methods for problems motivated by biological data. We are particularly focused on the annotation of biological sequences and the accompanying problem of searching for similar sequences within large-scale biological sequence databases, but our work touches on data related to infectious disease and neuroscience (and seems to expand every day!)

Projects in our group range from statistical modeling of biological sequence families, to text indexing and bounded search algorithms, to low-level software optimization, to FPGAs, to Deep Neural Networks, to Natural Language Processing, to web services; from genomes, to proteins, to infectious disease, to animal tracking and behavior, to neural recordings.

Visit my lab page ( to read more about my research and group.

The lab has open positions for motivated postdocs and students at all levels (PhD, Masters, Undergrad). Please drop me a line if you'd like to discuss possibilities.


A list of my publications can be found at Google Scholar


LBNL / Joint Genome Institute (Affiliate)

UM Cellular, Molecular, and Microbial Biology (Associated Faculty)

UM Neuroscience

UM Biochemistry