University Planning Committee

Data Analysis

The University Planning Committee has been working with the President, Provost and Deans on prioritizing academic programs to ensure a sustainable path forward for UM’s growth and development. This video explains the methodology the Data Analysis Subgroup of the University Planning Committee used in analyzing data for this purpose.

UM program data in Tableau


Final recommended mission statement and description of the UM Core and Communities of Excellence

Charge to the Committee from President Bodnar, Feb. 2018

  • Examine our current mission and propose changes to ensure a concise, clear, and compelling University of Montana Mission Statement.
  • Draft a clear, intentional, and integrated strategic plan for immediate action; the plan should include areas of focus and areas we will choose not to sustain, both programmatically and structurally given our fiscal constraints.
  • Propose an improved planning and assessment mechanism for continued strategic thinking and improvement.
Cycle of Plan, arrow to budget, arrow to implement, arrow to assess, arrow to plan. APASP and SPCC are inputs to plan and assess. Reconstitute UPC with charge to: articulate a concise, compelling vision, propose a clear, intentional strategic plan for action by May 2018, institutionalize a process for continuous assessment and learning. Desired end state: an agile, innovative, learning organization that meets the needs of our students, the state of MT, and the world.