University Planning Committee - UPC

In Feb. 2018, President Bodnar charged the University Planning Committee with 1. developing a new UM mission, identity, and areas of excellence and 2. using existing centralized data to assess UM's academic programs. He used that input to produce his draft recommendations, which he shared with campus on April 17.

University of Montana Strategy for Distinction 

President's Preliminary Recommendations - The University of Montana Strategy for Distinction sets out a blueprint for a broad, multi-year vision and plan that will set us on a path to celebrate another 125 years of excellent service to students, the State of Montana, and the world. Continue to read recommendations (pdf).

Update - May 7, 2018

Stage 2 Analysis - in Tableau (published May 7, 2018)
Stage 1 Analysis - in Tableau (revised May 7, 2018)
Stage 1 Analysis data - in Excel

Timeline and FTE reduction FAQs

President's Message for Students

For those of you in programs where change has been identified: you will graduate. You will have a clear path to graduation. We will make sure that your education is not disrupted while we reimagine this great University to best serve you. At the core of all these efforts has been one question: how do we most effectively meet the needs of students?