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The University has just completed its self-evaluation for accreditation. This spring the University will submit its findings to the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities for review.  

This study was conducted as one of the continuing requirements for accreditation. Campus members across departments and business units have contributed to this publication and its development. The University Assessment & Accreditation Committee members have openly discussed and shaped this document from its foundation to meet the rigorous demands of NWCCU accreditation.

 Review the Year 3 Report 



The recommendations from the FY14 University Strategic Workgroups are being compiled, reviewed, and integrated into the Planning-Assessment Continuum.

These recommendations have been discussed over numerous University Budget and University Planning Committee meetings. The committee membership, representating all campus stakeholders, have openly discussed and debated the recommendations and their prioritization for agile, efficient, and appropriate implementation. 

Review: The Strategic Workgroup Recommendation Prioritization (DRAFT)



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