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The University Planning Committee

Although continuous, the cycle logically begins with strategic planning. This activity will be the responsibility and focus of The University Planning Committee.


The first priority of the University Planning Committee was to produce The University of Montana's Strategic Plan. Publication was scheduled and completed in Spring 2011. In addition, Committee will coordinate with the University Assessment Committee annually, ensuring that the priorities identified in the Strategic Plan and those documented in the Core Themes (as required under Standard 1 of the NWCCU accreditation process) are consistent and linked.

Long term, the University Planning Committee will provide guidance to planning units of the University regarding standards for sector or unit plans, and will identify annual and biennial planning priorities. The Committee will review and update the University Strategic Plan annually, in light of environmental changes, institutional assessment, and campus input.



Perry Brown, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


  • Teresa Branch, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Michael Reid, Vice President for Administration and Finance
  • Scott Whittenburg, Vice President for Research and Development
  • Peggy Kuhr, Vice President for Integrated Communications
  • Matt Riley, Chief Information Officer
  • Chris Comer, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Barry Good, Dean, Missoula College
  • Jamie Stanton, UM Foundation
  • Hugh Jesse, Director, Facilities Services
  • Mark LoParco, Director, Dining Services
  • Bill Johnston, Director, Alumni Association
  • Hannah Singleton, President, Staff Senate
  • Natalie Hiller-Claridge, Vice President, Staff Senate
  • Liz Putnam, Chair, Faculty Senate
  • Mariah Williams, Vice-President, ASUM
  • Kim Granath, Mansfield Library
  • Mary Ann Bowman, School of Social Work
  • Garrett Bryant, Graduate Assistant


Dawn Ressel, Associate Vice President for Planning, Budgeting, and Analysis

University Planning Committee Timeline

The University is in its first year under the new NWCCU accreditation standards (requiring reporting of the University's Mission and Core Themes) and is preparing to enter a new biennium. Please follow the link for the current University Planning Committee timeline.

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