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The Planning Environment

UM Strategic Planning Diagram

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The planning context for The University of Montana is framed by the Montana Board of Regents Strategic Plan. This plan, adopted in 2006, is updated annually and its progress is continuously monitored through the compilation and analysis of key enrollment, financial, and outcomes data.

The current economic conditions of the nation and the State of Montana offer challenges and opportunities to the faculty, staff, and students of The University of Montana in myriad ways. Currently under development, the University's Integrated Strategic Plan will serve as a dynamic indicator for the direction of travel but does not depend on the achievement of each and every goal or objective as currently envisioned.

To these ends, faculty and campus leaders are continually engaged in more focused strategic planning efforts, including:

This context provides the linkages that bind the various elements of the University's Strategic Directions. The University cannot possibly fulfill its programmatic and fiscal goals and objectives without taking active steps to assure achievement of its enrollment. In a similar vein, the University cannot achieve the needed enrollments without attending to student needs, interests, and success; nor can it succeed in raising private funds without maintaining the quality of its programs and engaging the faculty and students; and it cannot compete successfully for extramural funding without assuring that the faculty and students have the facilities and supporting infrastructure that empower them to succeed.

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