Missoula College Parking

The limited parking at Missoula College is regulated by the UM Police Department.  Permits issued by the Missoula College are valid ONLY on Missoula College campus grounds.  To obtain a Missoula College Parking Permit a student must be finalized and can pick the permit up at the Cashier's Office.  There is no additional charge for the parking permit.  Only one permit will be issued per individual.  Students living on the Mountain Campus will need to purchase a permit for main campus through Cyberbear.  Staff/Faculty using both campuses will also need both permits.  Missoula College Parking is defined as either Faculty/Staff or Student Lot.  Permit type must match the lot designation.  Motorcycles must be parked in motorcycle designated areas only.  All safety and parking regulations are enforced in accordance with mountain campus regulations.

VISITORS must pick up a temporary pass at Enrollment Services and must park in the Faculty/Staff Lot.

A Missoula College parking permit may be requested by e-mail by submitting the Missoula College Vehicle Registration Form.