GrizWalk 406.243.2777

GrizWalk (formerly Grizzly Personal Safety (GPS)) is a free student staffed safety service.

  • The GrizWalk objective is to ensure that no campus member has to walk campus alone after dark.
  • When called, GrizWalk members will meet the caller at their location and walk with them to their destination.
  • GrizWalk members travel campus in pairs wearing distinctive clothing, carrying radios and flashlights.
  • This night-time service is available seven days a week when school is in session.

    Please Note: If GrizWalk is unavailable a UM Police Officer will provide the same service.

From on campus: 2777
From off campus: 243-2777

If you are requesting their services a pair of students will be dispatched immediately to your location to personally walk you safely to your destination.

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