Key control is vital to the security of your department’s property and facility.  Ensure that those you authorize to have key access are mindful of that responsibility.


Key Checkout Procedure

  1. The key request cards must be signed by the department authorizing agent on file with the Office of Public Safety.

  2. Only one key can be checked out per key card.

  3. A key card must be filled out for a building and room and not be altered.

  4. Classroom keys are available for check out.

  5. No one other than the person that the key card is made out to may pick up keys unless they send along a signed note stating that person who is authorized to pick up the keys for them.

  6. A deposit of $13.00 for change keys and $50.00  for master keys in addition to a non refundable restock fee of $5.00 per key is required at key checkout.

  7. Any lost or stolen keys will require a new key card and deposit.  All lost or stolen keys must be reported immediately to the Office of Public Safety.  In addition, the appropriate chair or director shall be notified to evaluate the risk, considering the need of a rekey.

  8. Update authorization signatures as need by filling out the form: Key Authorization Form


Key Return Procedure

  1. Each key is uniquely numbered and every individual assigned a key is responsible for returning the assigned key to the Office of Public Safety.

  2. Deposit money can only be returned to the depositor unless a note matching the card signature is available.

  3. When possible, the depositor will receive a cash refund.  If a cash refund is not possible credit can be applied to a student/employee account or debit/credit card.


Keys Charged to an Index

  1. Students may not charge key deposits to a department.

  2. All individuals who have been assigned keys must be return them to the Office of Public Safety.  This will ensure that the deposits are correctly credited to the department.

  3. Grants can not be used for key deposits.


Re-Keys and Lock Maintenance

The Lock Shop is now managed by Facilities Services.  If you have questions regarding re-keying or lock maintenance contact the Work Order Desk at (406) 243-6091 or place a work order online at

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