Policy Number: 201.3

Policy: Facilities Use and Access

Date Adopted: 07/99

Revision Date: 01/04


Approved By: Robert A. Duringer, Vice President for Administration & Finance

The primary and priority use of University facilities must be for University programs and activities. However, the University encourages other uses of its facilities to provide increased opportunities for learning, entertainment, and cultural and social enrichment for and by a variety of people.

The authority to schedule general classrooms resides with the Registrar’s office. Authority for scheduling other academic and non-academic space resides with the Dean, Director, or Executive Officer responsible for that space. If questions or concerns arise, the office of Administration & Finance (X4662) or Public Safety (X6031) retains the right to determine which activities are consistent with the University’s primary objectives. If uncertain about available facilities or whom to contact, call the UC Event Planning Office at 243.4113 for information.

Should emergency access be needed, contact the Office of Public Safety at 243.6131.