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Administration & Finance

Policy Number: 201.5

Policy: Smudging/Pipe Ceremonies

Date Adopted: 05/09

Revision Date:  01/10


Approved By: Robert A. Duringer, Vice President for Administration & Finance

The University of Montana recognizes that time-honored indigenous traditions and ceremonies involving smudging have passed from generation to generation. In support of the cultural integrity of these native traditions, the University has designated venues on campus for smudging associated with cultural rituals consistent with traditional ceremonies and observances. Smudging may incorporate the smoke of sage, sweet grass, cedar, and other related medicinal plants as elements of purification and sacred ceremony. University policy allows these traditional practices only in specified areas identified below, with prior approval of the use and defined procedures to assure safety by the Director of the Office of American Indian Student Services, The Institute for Educational Research and Service or the Director of Residence Life. Any authorized smudging under this policy must include a specification of the planned procedures and adhere to other University procedures and policies concerning safety on campus. This policy shall control in the event of any conflict with University polices applicable to the burning of candles and incense (UM Policy 202.8) and smoking (UM Policy 202.7).
Approved areas include:

  • Native American Center (NAC) Rotunda
  • Native American Center (NAC) Classroom 105
  • McGill Hall Rooms 024 and 031
  • Student living spaces located on UM property or otherwise operated by UM as approved by the Director of Residence Life or the Director's designee. 

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