Policy Number: 307

Policy: Electronic Communication Devices and Services

Date Adopted: 01/07

Revision Date:


Approved By: Robert A. Duringer, Vice President for Administration & Finance

It is the policy of the University to allow for the purchase or reimbursement of electronic communication devices and/or services for use by employees to conduct official University business. Electronic communication devices and/or services are defined as wireless and cellular phones, personal device assistants (PDA), home internet services, and satellite telephones. Procurement of such devices and/or services will be authorized ONLY when the job responsibilities require the employee to be accessible at all times.

Authorization and approval of such expenditures shall reside with the departmental administrator and appropriate Executive Officer. Review and renewal of such expenditures must occur annually. Prior to the approval of any request for purchase/reimbursement of electronic devices and/or service payments, the job responsibilities of the individual will be thoroughly reviewed to insure the electronic devices and/or services selected are warranted and will safeguard sensitive University information.

Payment for electronic communication devices and/or services can be made directly by the University or through a Taxable Allowance to qualified employees.