Policy Number: 401.1

Policy: Affirmative Action Plan Exceptions: Academic and Administrative Appointments

Date Adopted: 4/91

Revision Date: 4/02

References: UM Affirmative Action Plan

Approved By: Robert A. Duringer, Vice President for Administration & Finance

The University of Montana–Missoula’s Affirmative Action Plan requires a good faith effort on the part of all hiring authorities to correct underutilization in the workforce of women and minorities. The University normally advertises nationally for permanent academic and administrative positions in order to gain as large a pool of qualified candidates as possible, including women and minorities. The Affirmative Action Plan nonetheless allows for limiting the search in special and exceptional circumstances.

In addition, the University offers limited promotion opportunities to University employees for administrative positions if qualified candidates exist on campus. Departments and programs advertise faculty positions nationally for a period of at least six weeks, with exceptions allowed by the Affirmative Action Office for partial FTEs or of limited duration appointments. Recruitment exceptions for Affirmative Action Appointments occur occasionally.

If the status of a position changes (an adjunct or visiting faculty position to tenurable or permanent), a search must occur. Recruitment exceptions allow for hiring individuals named in grants and for acting administrative appointments.