Policy Number:  415

Policy:  Therapy & Companion Animals

Date Adopted:  01/2010

Revision Date:

References:  MT State Law MCA 49-4-214

Approved By:  Robert A. Duringer, Vice President for Administration & Finance    

The University of Montana is committed to full and equitable access to its programs, services and facilities by people with disabilities, including those who require the assistance of therapy or companion animals.  The University is also mindful of the health and safety concerns of the campus community.  The University strives to balance the rights of the individual with a disability and the potential impact of animals on other campus patrons.  The intent of this policy is to: institute procedures by which the prescribed use of therapy and companion animals can be reasonably accommodated; and outline the requirements of the user/owner of a therapy and companion animal.  The successful implementation of this policy requires the cooperation of all students, employees, and visitors.  This policy does not apply to service animals and service animals in training.  The University complies with federal and state laws pertaining to service animals and service animals in training.