Policy Number: 603

Policy: Calendar Events

Date Adopted: 07/09

Revision Date:


Approved By: George M. Dennison, President


University Relations manages The University of Montana Events Calendar as part of its mission to distribute accurate and timely information through outreach and marketing activities. In this effort, University Relations seeks to make the Calendar a useful tool for the campus and off-campus communities, focused on happenings at and/or sponsored by the University. In addition, the Calendar serves as an online tool to disseminate information about University-related events to the local media for publicity purposes and also to list the dates and times of UM meetings open to the public pursuant to Montana law.

The Events Calendar provides information about UM-related events only. University Relations editors and the University Executive Vice President will make all judgments to include or not to include submitted requests for Calendar entries on the basis of the following criteria:

(1) Sponsored by UM or an entity or partner organization of the University or by an ASUM-approved student organization.

(2) Held on campus or at a UM entity or partner organization. (Examples: MonTEC, Fact & Fiction, or the Institute of Medicine and Humanities)

(3) Presented by a UM faculty member, administrator, or University representative or ASUM-approved student organization, if held off campus in a location not affiliated with the University.

The Calendar will not include any events that fail to conform with the University's alcohol and drug policies, or which involve expressions of partisan points of view, except with regard to titles and descriptions of educational events designed to facilitate open dialogue.