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Administration & Finance

Policy Number: 901

Policy: Police Sexual Assault Investigation

Date Adopted: 02/25/2014

Revision Date: 02/25/2015

References: MCA 45-5-502

Approved By: Michael Reid, Vice President, Administration & Finance

The purpose of this policy is to provide officers and investigators with guidelines for responding to reports of sexual assault, sexual intercourse without consent, assisting victims, collaborating with local health, outside law enforcement and service agencies, and conducting interviews with victims, witnesses, and suspects. Because of the special needs involved in sexual intercourse without consent investigations an attached appendix serves as an all-inclusive document that covers first response, investigation and prosecution.

Trauma from crime victimization complicates a victim’s participation in the investigation. The trauma may be so overwhelming that a victim cannot function well enough to assist in the investigation at certain stages of the case. Trauma also affects memory and the ability to explain events in a narrative form for the investigator. Officers and investigators play a significant role in both the victim’s willingness to participate in the investigation and ability to cope with the emotional and psychological after effects of the crime. Therefore, it is especially important that these cases be handled objectively without bias, with respect, sensitivity, and consideration for the victim.

Administration & Finance

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