Board of Regents Meeting and UM Events


Dear UM Community,

The Montana Board of Regents (BOR) meets on the University of Montana campus later this week. The November meeting always precedes the UM-MSU rivalry football game on the host campus, and for this and many other reasons, it’s an exciting and busy week on campus.

Board of Regents Meeting

The full schedule and agenda for the BOR meeting is posted on the MUS website. The meeting will be live-streamed, and you are welcome to attend all sessions, which will occur in the UC Ballroom.

The Regents will be discussing the business of the entire Montana University System during the meeting. However, as the host campus, we have the opportunity to share UM-specific highlights, provide tours of campus, host a breakfast meeting with community leaders, and share through video and storyboards our efforts around student success, our innovative and impact-focused work, and our collaborative new initiatives.

It’s my honor to showcase our incredible university to all meeting attendees.

Community Competitions

Please also note that our friendly Brawl of the Wild is not the only competition this weekend. The “Can the Cats” food drive and the “UM Blood Battle” American Red Cross blood drive pit the Grizzlies against the Bobcats where there truly are no losers. Instead, we can provide nourishing meals and lifesaving blood and plasma to benefit members of our community. These are important ways to make a huge and lasting impact.

Learn more about the Can the Cats food drive here.

Learn more about the American Red Cross Blood Drive here.

Other Events

UM is hosting a variety of other events this week, too. We will kick off  International Education Week beginning today at noon. Consider attending a lecture, film, or seminar in honor of International Education Week. Visit the UM events calendar for the long, full list of this week’s events.

Our university is so rich with opportunities to learn, engage and serve! I hope you’ll take advantage of this week’s activities and that you’ll cheer loudly this Saturday!