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Strategic Plan and Future Foresters' Ball

DATE: April 30, 2012
TO: Jonah Vaughan, Chief Push, Foresters' Ball Student Committee
Dylan Brooks, Publicity Officer, Foresters' Ball Student Committee
FROM: Royce C. Engstrom, President
SUBJECT: Strategic Plan and Future Foresters’ Ball

Thank you for working on a plan for the future implementation of the Foresters’ Ball. I am pleased that you took the challenge seriously and that you see the Ball as an opportunity to play a lead role as students in addressing the issue of alcohol at our University. I believe that the message will be heard clearly across the campus that students are concerned and willing to move in a new direction. Your commitment to incorporating family and career components to the event is much appreciated. I was also impressed that you thought carefully about how the event should reinforce The University of Montana’s Strategic Plan.

I am prepared to accept and sign off your proposal with the following changes and conditions:

  1. I agree with your premise that in order to provide a viable alternative as an alcohol-free event, the time needs coincide to a reasonable extent with “drinking hours.” Alternative B seems to be the best option for timing for the event.
  2. The doors close for entry at 9:00 p.m. If attendees are not inside by then, they don’t come in.
  3. Sobriety of patrons is a condition for admission to the Foresters’ Ball. Therefore, Breathalyzer tests are administered to all entrants by Campus Security. Anyone who tests over 0.08 is not admitted. Dean Burchfield has agreed to bear the cost of this requirement.
  4. On the day of the event, Campus Security conducts a search of the venue, including constructed facilities, to insure that alcohol has not been hidden inside during construction.

Please prepare a new, signed copy, of your plan that takes the above into account.

In the end, you have a large responsibility. It is primarily the message you send prior to the event that will determine how the event goes. We will conduct a review after the next event to determine whether the changes you recommend have been effective. I look forward to your actions setting the stage for responsible and legal use of alcohol at all Forestry events, and indeed, across the campus. I wish for a productive, safe, and fun Forester’s Ball in 2013.


c: Perry Brown, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
James Burchfield, Dean, College of Forestry and Conservation
Gary Taylor, Director, Office of Public Safety