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Grizzly Student Athletes

 February 8, 2013

I want to reaffirm that The University of Montana values highly the many contributions of our student-athletes. As a group, they work tirelessly to achieve excellence on the court or playing field, in the classroom, and in the community. Our student-athletes bring countless hours of enjoyment to members of the University, to Missoula, across Montana, and to Griz fans around the world. Athletics is a part of the fabric of the University and it enriches our learning environment.

Our student-athletes are students first, recently achieving their 15th semester in a row of a grade point average above 3.0 and the highest graduation rate in the Big Sky Conference. Last fall the student-athletes had the highest collective academic performance since the University began recording.

Are there individual problems on occasion? Of course, and we address those promptly and effectively through a recently revised Student-athlete Conduct Code. The actions of individuals do not characterize our student-athletes in general any more than they do for other groups of people on campus. Our student-athletes are supported by hard-working coaches, support staff, and faculty. Let's congratulate our student-athletes and thank them for their hard work and their role as representatives of The University of Montana.

Go Griz!

Royce C. Engstrom
The University of Montana